Our way of working


At CIES we base the quality of our performance on the experience in market studies accumulated since 1981. Those are our distinguishing key features:


Our priority is to offer a high quality and personal service. We monitor our studies throughout the process and carry out an exhaustive quality control of the data collected. With that objective in mind, we have built a high qualified team of professionals with an extensive experience gained in the sector and a strong personal commitment in each project.

At CIES the control of the Field work is the base for reliable information.


We listen to our clients to work collaboratively on the project. We aim always to match our clients' needs in terms of survey method, scheduling and budgetary restrictions for each study. CIES have conducted a wide range of studies of various methodologies, settings, populations and objectives.


CIES subscribes to the accepted code of conduct in this profession. Our experience of more than 35 years has shown us that trust is earned with the confidentiality of each study..


We are founder member of The Research Alliance. This international network of market research agencies, for which CIES is exclusive member in Spain, allows us to develop studies with trusted partners in more than 20 countries of the 5 continents.