Study of the Audience of Media in the Basque Country and Navarre.


Since 1984, CIES has been developing this study biannual with the following methodology:

• Six-monthly study: between 900 and 1,300 interviews per wave and province
• High level of representation. 8,600 interviews per year
• Age, sex, habitat, region and province
• CATI: computer assisted telephone interview
• Media consumption: press, radio, television and internet
• Remembrance of yesterday
• With socioeconomic, cultural and use of Basque language variables
• Equipment and consumption section, open to the needs of users

CIES guarantees the quality of the data collected:

• Checking the correct application of the randomisation mechanisms
• Direct supervision of at least 10% of interviews

CIES offers the following end product:

• Our clients get the results in paper and online
• The broadcasting software is accessible from a location with internet access
• The software allows to visualize pages with textual, tabular, graphic and image information and to work with pages in the usual formats: Excel, Lotus, Word, HTML, PDF, BMP, etc. from the Web.
• Optionally, the information can be exploited on other platforms such as Galileo or TOM micro, excellent software for planning any advertising campaign.

Download PDF documents (with PDFs from previous years)

Ad Hoc Studies / Other Studies

• Study on Narrative Press to Online Press Readers in Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Mexico. A multi-country study with online surveys of readers of the digital press.

• Study on the characteristics of the Audience of a written press medium.

• Study on TV usage habits

• Study on the consumption of current information by young people in Navarre. Focus groups.