Study of the Audience of Media in the Basque Country and Navarre


Since 1984, CIES has been developing this study biannual with the following methodology:

• Six-monthly study: between 900 and 1,300 interviews per wave and province
• High level of representation. 8,600 interviews per year
• Quotas: Age, sex, habitat, region, province and day of the week
• CATI: computer assisted telephone interview
• Media consumption: press, radio, television, internet and digital media
• Remembrance of yesterday
• With socioeconomic, cultural and use of Basque language variables
• Equipment and consumption section, open to the needs of users

CIES guarantees the quality of the data collected:

• Checking the correct application of the randomisation mechanisms
• Direct supervision of at least 20% of interviews

CIES offers the following end product:

• Our clients get the results online
• The broadcasting software is accessible from any device with internet access
• The software allows to visualize pages with textual, tabular, graphic and image information and to work with pages in the usual formats: Excel, Lotus, Word, HTML, PDF, BMP, etc. from the Web.
• Optionally, the information can be exploited on other platforms such as Galileo or TOM micro, excellent software for planning any advertising campaign.


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Ad Hoc Studies / Other Studies

• 3 focus groups with 24 participants on Fake News in order to understand the capacity of internet users to discriminate between false and true content.

• Narrative press study of online journal readers in Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Mexico. 2000 interviews.

• A study on the characteristics of a local newspaper's audience.

• A study of a local TV viewing habits.

• Study on the consumption of current affairs information by young people in Navarre. 2 focus groups.