International Studies

The Research Alliance: international and multinational inquiries are solved locally thanks to

• our global network of market research companies
• local experiences in 20 countries with offices in America (north and south), Asia, Europe and Australia
• guarantee of personalized service, with high quality and flexibility
• over 25 years working in this international network

International expertise

• Product: test and development of new products
• Packaging: optimization of the structure and graphic design
• Brand: brand monitoring
• Neuroscience: understand the consumer behaviour and predict what items will be most successful in your business

A close collaboration Network

• A significant number of multi-country studies per year
• An annual meeting to share experiences and learn from international best practices (New York 2018, Milan 2019, Dublin 2022, Copenhagen 2023)
• An annual training on research and innovative methodologies, to ensure further high-quality services and competitiveness (Copenhagen 2018, Paris 2019)

Our most recent studies:

• In-room coffee test: 400 coffee drinkers, with quotas by age, sex and brand consumed, they test and value 25 types of coffee (produced in more than 6 countries)

• In-depth interviews conducted with men using a globally recognized Moisturizing Cream, to prepare the advertising campaign for a new product (conducted in more than 8 countries worldwide)

• Telephone interviews with patients, to prepare the advertising campaign for a new medicine (carried out in 4 countries)

• In-depth interviews on the motivation and behaviour of investors, to develop new ethical banking products (carried out in 2 countries)