Market Research

The studies we conduct are primarily dedicated to:

• The development of new products
• Product testing (at home or at a provided location)
• Packaging testing
• Price testing
• Corporate image testing
• Purchase habits studies
• Publicity (pre and post)
• Customer satisfaction studies
• Segmentation & Positioning studies
• Brand and brand equity research 


We are the specialist for following areas:

• Food
• Agriculture
• Services, Publicity
• Textile, Leather and Shoemaking industry
• Urbanism, Building
• Automotion, accesories
• Electronics, informatics
• Cosmetic, drugstore and hygiene
• Supermarkets, department stores
• Energy, environment
• Banking
• Mobility
Mass Media

Our research process:

• Define the Target
• Select the methodology accordingly
• Define the sample and the and the potential segmentation shares
• Design the materials for the data collection
• Select the field team
• Conduct field work , data collection
• Quality control of the captured data
• Data analysis

Our latest studies

• Publicity post-test. 4 focus groups to test the impact of the publicity of a new telecommunication company.

• In hall coffee test: 400 participants drink segmented by age, sex and brand usage taste and value 25 coffees.

• Publicity pre- test: In depth interviews to men using moisturizer.

• Focus groups segmented by age to test the popularity of the carbon footprint label.

• Publicity Pre- test : telephone interviews to patients to prepare the campaign of a new medicine.

• Hall Product test with children (4-7): Segmented by age, children test and asses a beverage.